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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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This movie is going to be awesome.
There are bits and pieces that I'm not thrilled with so far, largely some very specific aspects of the design (and I wish the trailers hadn't gotten so spoileriffic over the last couple of months). Specifically, I'm not crazy about the suits, but they do have a definite lineage from the Alien ones, particularly when looking at the shoulder pauldrons. The bigger issue for me is the color palette of the inside of the Prometheus itself, which still feels overly bright.

In any event, I'm still ridiculously excited. That being said, Ridley Scott has always been a better designer than director. At least half of Blade Runner is him playing with his own toys, yet it somehow works because they're fucking amazing toys, so I'll wait till the film is out to judge the look, since Scott usually knows what he wants and he tends to be right more often than not. (Also, science fiction brings out his artistic side like there's no tomorrow, and he's insanely controlling of his art departments.)
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