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Re: One-year countdown thread!

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never took much notice but how well did the last one do.

Did it exceed expectations ?
was is a box office success and if so how good ?
Most successful Trek movie ever!
this surprises me ....I know movies cost more now to make and with ticket prices going up it would take in more but still.
Surprised that the domestic was twice that of the foreign, what with the huge following of trek world wide especially in the uk, germany and elsewhere
Also, as silly and annoying as it can be to die-hards to have hordes of fan girls jumping into a new genre just to see a hearththrob/favorite actor, numbers will I bet be extra good especially in the UK (but also worldwide) among those who've never see a Trek movie ever. The Batch has a pretty serious fanbase that would see anything he's in multiple times (and drag their boyfriends)--not to say that there isn't some serious nerdy-girl overlap in the fanbase already. (And, yes, I'm sure he has plenty of male fans, too, just generalizing)
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