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The bottom line is, stories focusing on a cure for his condition are nothing but "Gilligan's Island" scenarios--by definition, he can't succeed or his story is over. I think viewers subconsciously know this going in, so watching him agonize over finding a cure gets to be very dull because you know he can't find one, just due to dramatic necessity. There has to be some other focus, and the search for a cure only works as a background plot to motivate him.
Yeah, I think the big question for a Hulk movie is: where do you go from here? Banner has found relative peace in his co-existence with Hulk. He's a hero now, friends with Tony Stark. A cure story is pointless, and it would make little sense to go back to the military/Shield hunting him down.

Some Hulk stories in the comics take him off-world, but then Banner tends to basically disappear, and it's all Hulk all the time.

One thing you could do is a story where the Leader, maybe working more or less directly with the World Council or whatever, is trying to weaponize the Hulk, recreate the process that turned Banner into Hulk, get a sample of Hulk's blood to exploit, etc. It's been done in the comics on occasion, as I recall.

But it could fit with the rest of what's going on in the film universe, while allowing Banner as a scientist to play as big a role as Hulk.
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