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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

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It was a disgrace to the video gaming industry,
No it wasn't. I could list some real disgraces to the gaming industry--several of which are rather infamous around these parts, but I'm sure you'd just shrug them off.

And with no further content provided by the developers.
This is simply not true. Both of the restoration projects were supported/assisted by Obsidian even after Lucasarts told them not to.

They provided the project people with the raw code (some of the original coders help out themselves) and access to a few of the voice actors. In fact, I think their support is rather unprecedented.

n Kotor 2 you didn't even really know why you were gallivanting around the galaxy,
To rejuvenate the Force?

the plot 'twist' was pretty dumb to say the least.
That's because there wasn't a plot twist.
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