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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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So I was thinking about the "blow up the mothership, all of the secondary ships and aliens die" trope the movie played out and came to maybe a reasonable conclusion..
My alternative explanation was, the Chitauri are aliens, they can't necessarily survive in our atmosphere, their suits were sustaining them on Earth and were powered from the mothership. Since the mothership was on the other side of the wormhole it's actually a viable setup, the constant flow of Chitauri out should have prevented anyone entering from the Earth side. Of course Thor's lightning dealt with that, but the Chitauri didn't plan on Thor.

My big beef with the Chitauri was that if Natasha could take them out with a 9mm handgun, they were hardly any kind of threat whatsoever. The nuke would have dealt with the first wave, then send waves of Jericho missles to hit the wormhole continuously while mankind prepares a few guided missles to do what Tony did by hand. The problem was the Chitauri weren't any kind of threat, the Hyrda troops in WW2 could have outgunned them. They really needed to be tougher to take out; Cap and Hawkeye should have been shown grabbing and using the Chitauri weapons like Natasha did, the Chitauri shouldn't have been so vulnerable to a shield, a handgun and some exploding arrows.

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Yeah, I wondered about the woman's reaction when he got unmasked.
I just attributed that to what I'd think a persons reaction would be to someone being unmasked. "Let me get a good look at mystery person."
The camera stayed on the blonde woman (I believe that's who you're referring to) little too long, showed her again later, and then she was interviewed on tv. I'm inclined to believe she is going to be prominent in Cap's next movie.

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It's basically "bad guy wants to conquer the world, good guys stop him, MacGuffin thrown in."
As I wrote upthread, the plot is similar enough to "The Seven Samurai". I suppose you could argue that film's plot was "thin", you can argue anything. The crux is, how well was the plot executed?

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I think Hulk works much better as part of an ensemble where he isn't the focus. I can only take so much Bruce Banner angst.
I didn't notice any angst on the part of Ruffalo, I thought he came across as a very smart and dangerous man who had intended to drop off the radar. I think it could be an excellent characterization with the right story and the right supporting characters. Ruffalo's Banner has more in common with the Steve Rogers character, only without the innocence. He is out of place, yes, but with motivation to "get out into the world" he'll take hold of a cause.
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