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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

For those of you interested, type "Jason Joiner star wars fake" in to google. Most of the meaty stuff is on Star Wars collectors forums. You will find very little dirt on Showmasters because Joiner's contantly googling himself and trolls any external forum where he or Shamasters are criticised, with the aim of getting the criticism removed or at least rubbished by members of his propoganda machine.

If all Shamasters are doing with Trek London is getting the guests, that should be enough of a worry in itself. Given that he twice *tried* to run Warp 10, eventually giving the excuse of not being able to get guests as the reason for cancelling the event, if we are to believe that he had the financial resources and best intention to run the event in the first place, his ability to attract anyone of worth from the Trek universe has been severely destroyed by his own excuses. Yet we are meant to believe that he's aquired the services of all 5 series Trek Captains for 3 days straight.

As a side point, there are rumours flying around that Joiner was thrown out of Greatest Show in the Galaxy at the weekend after kicking up a load of trouble. Wasn't there, so can't comment. Like I said earlier, he doesn't need anyone but himself to destroy his reputation.

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