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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

16. Cabin In the Woods: B+
17. The Rum Diary: C
18. The Eagle: C+
19. The Avengers: A+
20. The Adjustment Bureau: A
21. Sucker Punch: B-

Finally saw this Zack Snyder film that is full of style and amazing visuals. The story is alright but the film is clearly about the f/x, which in fairness were good.
It appears the bulk of the film takes place in the proverbial "blink of an eye", just that second before Babydoll is lobotomized(?), whatever's done to her with that sharp instrument.

Apparently Babydoll loses herself in her dancing and every time she dances is where the film shifts to the "exotic" scenes of killing German zombies, androids and dragons. Her dancing also serves as moments when they are trying to pro-cur the items needed for their escape from the mental institution/impromptu brothel.

Visually a good film and it no doubt is playing to the male audience but not one I'd really have in my collection. The story while not bad just isn't engaging enough imo.
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