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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I did enjoy it, though, even though I figured out what happened pretty much from the get-go simply because it was the only logical thing, but I do hope the sequels are better paced, and are more like the pages 150-420 of this. If so, I'll love them.
I don't want to risk spoiling you, but FWIW, the sequels have a somewhat different feel to them. The first book plays a bit more like a typical mystery procedural, with our heroes getting involved in a murder case; the second and third books have elements of that as well, but are overall more concerned with the main character's own affairs and backgrounds (though those lead into a plot of significant scale). They're also essentially a two-parter.

I'd say it's worth checking them out just to get a feel for how different they are from the first book. I'm not sure they completely succeed overall, but they're definitely more ambitious, and do have a fair share of colorful scenes.
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