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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

I hated kotor 2. It was a disgrace to the video gaming industry, to release such an obviously unfinished product. And with no further content provided by the developers.
What makes it worse was the potential was there to have a decent game. The gameplay was actually slightly improved from kotor 1 but the original blows the sequel away in terms of the actual story, and has far more re-playable value than 2.
I liken the 2 games to the SW movies. The original kotor is like the OT, simple, engaging plot revolving around good vs evil, republic vs empire etc. Kotor 2 is on par with the PT. A messy, boring plot, no standout characters (except Kreia) and lacking any emotional resonance.

Kotor 2 tried to develop a more complex plot than the typical SW tales and it could have been great to see it fully fleshed out. But it was incomplete and the complexities involved left the story a confusing mess. In kotor 1 you knew why you were travelling to the various spots in the game. To find the Star Maps eventually leading to the source of the Siths power. In Kotor 2 you didn't even really know why you were gallivanting around the galaxy, there didn't seem to be an end goal and the plot 'twist' was pretty dumb to say the least.

I was so looking forward to kotor 2 after enjoying the original immensely. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.
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