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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

Ah, just thinking about these episodes makes me smile. Kolchak is so cool. In these first episodes, he also gets a continuing cast of supporting characters. There's Updyke-- "Uptight"-- who is the anti-Kolchak and Miss Emily-- you'll notice that the Peeping Tom old lady from "The Ripper" will play that role (and, if memory serves, she wrote one of the letters to Miss Emily that helps Kolchak track down the Ripper).

I also love how far Kolchak is from the traditional hero. The scenes where he is hiding in the Ripper's closet as the Ripper reaches in to hang up his coat, or the scene in the hearse where Kolchak is sewing up his lips and he opens his eyes, and Kolchak just breaks in sheer terror and runs away screaming are priceless.
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