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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Another decent episode. It looks at war and the negative impacts it has on society, from both sides. Not as good as “Faces” though…

Awesome! We get to see a brief glimpse of the pimped-out holodeck pool hall program created by Paris. (I do like the trench-coat-Gigolo in the background)!! It’s nice to see Neelix fraternizing with the crew. Well, the happy part did not last long. Next thing we know Neelix, the moral officer, is shaking with anger when a Doctor named Jetrel asks to speak with him. According to Neelix he is a mass-murderer. Apparently, Jetrel led a team on the moon Neelix and his family lived on, and exposed a weapon of mass destruction that killed all of Neelix’s family. (Neelix was off-moon). On a side note, Neelix has whimsical clothing that makes me smile.

Dr. Jetrel wants to screen Neelix for a disease that occurs because of the exposure from Jetrel’s weapon. Janeway tries to talk Neelix into letting Jetrel screen the doctor for the possible disease. Neelix retorts, “I would rather be immersed in a pit of Krallinian eels than be examined by him!” What is a Krallinian eel? Do they filet nicely?

Under the strong-arm of Kes and Janeway Neelix agrees to see Jetrel. Jetrel and Neelix banter back and forth about who killed who and who has a bad conscious. Neelix eventually undergoes the tests to find out that he has Metreon poisoning. Neelix tries to make Kes feel better by explaining that he has looked death in the face many times, and goes on about how he was successful in battle many times. Then he and Kes talk about her short-lived life and how they need to cherish each other.

Jetrel wants to use the transporter system on VOY to try and get a sample of Metreon so they could possibly synthesize it and make a cure. (I looked at my husband at this point and remarked, “Ha, Ha, he has Metreon poisoning too”~and I was right)!

Neelix and Jetrel go back and forth about what each one has lost due to the war. Jetrel’s wife took their kids and left him and Neelix’s family died a painful death because of Jetrel’s weapon. Neelix admits to Kes that he was not a war hero, and that he was hiding from the Talaxian “Army” when his home planet was devastated. Jetrel gets the sample that he needed, but when Neelix walks in on him he is doing a strange experiment. He wants to bring back the victims. He thinks he has found a way to biologically re-build the atomic structure of the victims. He admits that Neelix does not have a disease and that he just wanted to get to the moon to get the samples so he could try and undo the wrongs he committed. Ultimately, it does not work and Jetrel dies from the poisoning. While he is dying Neelix goes to him and tells him that he forgives him. This seems to both hurt and comfort Jetrel.

(On another side note, Neelix’s nose kind of looks like a butt. It seems that one species in each of the Trek series has an arse-faced character). Also, do they do laundry on the ship, or just use the replicator to clean/replace their clothes?

Favorite part: This episode looks at war (both sides) in a very rational and thought provoking way. Also, it was a Neelix episode and I do like Neelix! It’s quite the contrast to get to see him be serious and outraged rather than upbeat, optimistic, and inadvertently funny! It is a different side of the character, and it is very well acted.

Least favorite part: Kes tries to tell Neelix that Jetrel was just a convenient target to get angry at rather than admitting his deficiencies and cowardice during the war. Seriously, the dude was partly responsible for killing all of his loved ones. I think Neelix has a good reason to be pissed off at Jetrel! Also, I didn’t like it that the Talaxians being restored didn’t have any realistic hope. Knowing that the purpose of the VOY plot line is to trek home, it would not do if magically Neelix had his whole family back. He would have presumably left the ship to be with them, and the VOY cannot lose too many characters since it already has so few main characters.
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