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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


This was an excellent episode. Very well-written and acted!

Neelix makes Tuvok a bowl of Plomeek soup, or Plomeek soup a la Neelix. Luckily, Tuvok gets called to the bridge and doesn’t have to eat it! He is called to the bridge because the away team has not returned. B’Elanna has had her DNA re-sequenced by the Vidiian so only her Klingon side is visible. The Vidiian surgeon Sulan believes that B’Elanna is resistant to their disease the Phage. He infects B’Elanna with it in order to test his theory. Paris and a new character named Pete and being held captive. B’Elanna’s body is fighting off the Phage.

A twist: now B’Elanna is thrown into the cell with Paris as her pure Human form. The Vidiian completely extracted her Klingon DNA. She is much more emotional as just a human. Watching her as both a pure Human with more emotion and fear and as a Klingon, brave and slightly angry makes me appreciate how well written her character is as a bi-species Klingon/Human. Her character has both the right amount of wrath and positive emotion. She does make a few comments about what it was like growing up as a part of two different worlds. It is interesting to note that negative race/species relations are still prevalent in the future and that one does not necessarily feel whole if they are a part of two different races. B’Elanna spoke about how out of place she felt as a partial Klingon and that she felt that her father left her and her mother because she looked Klingon.

B’Elanna, the Klingon, tries to seduce Sulan in order to be set free. She makes note of the veracious Klingon sexual appetite! When B’Elanna saw Sulan with Pete’s face transplanted onto her own she was able to get away easy enough and choked Sulan until he passes out. Meanwhile, Chakotay is made to look like a Vidiian by the Doctor so he can infiltrate the Vidiian society. The human B’Elanna admits to Paris that she has become emotional weak with the transformation she has undergone. She is afraid that they made her a coward. She does try to contact the ship though when she thinks that the Vidiian guards are not paying attention. They catch her though and begin to rough her up when Klingon B’Elanna saves her and tosses her over her shoulder when the Human B’Elanna faints.

How are there two B’Elanna’s from a DNA extraction? How are there two bodies? This would require an identical replication of DNA pairings to have the 46 required chromosomes, which would leave both hosts vulnerable to recessive genetic deficiencies (although each would have 2 Xs as they’re women). I do love the fight she has with herself. She even acknowledges how ridiculous it is that she is arguing with herself.

Chakotay takes Paris to organ donation. The B’Elannas are already there trying to override the force field. The Klingon B’Elanna takes a hit to protect the Human B’Elanna at the last moment when Sulan fires on her. Back in sickbay, the Doctor has to add the Klingon genes back into the Human B so her body can function properly. (which shows the short-comings of too many recessive anomalies in a person…)

Favorite part: I love how this episode shows the difference between Klingons and Humans and the constant internal struggle that B’Elanna has with her two heritages.

Least favorite part: They weren’t able to free the other Talaxian prisoner who had been there for 6 years. They just left him to be eventually killed by the Vidiian. Seeing how they killed off Pete, it would have been nice to have him replaced with a new character. Plus, it just seems damn cruel to leave him.

On a side note, I type my reviews on MS Word and copy and paste them onto this site. However, at the beginning and end of each paragraph I get this: [/SIZE]

Is there a way to get rid of that? I end up previewing the post and manually deleting each of them...

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