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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 discussion thread

This episode was very well-written. I haven't been too impressed with this show so far this season, but this one was terrific stuff. I loved the team interplay and banter in the diner and when they were kibitzing Carol's fight technique, and the writing of the climactic confrontation and the effect of paranoia on the team's cohesion was well-handled. And Skrull-Cap actually doing the exact opposite of what I would've expected him to do was intriguing. So far this season, I haven't liked the writing on Skrull-Cap; he's behaved so predictably un-Cap-like that I felt the Avengers should've caught on to the deception. But here he really got into the role, and I'm not entirely sure why he'd want to convince the team to stay together rather than just let them break up. It surprised me and made Skrull-Cap interesting for the first time ever.
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