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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Maybe some admiral at Starfleet Command knows Sisko and knows that his... eccentricities would allow him to disguise himself as a Klingon quite easily.
I literally LOL'ed at "his... eccentricities." Sisko makes a better Klingon than Worf.

apenpaap wrote: View Post
I thought Avery was utterly awesome in this episode. It's like the little craziness that occassionally shows up when he's playing Sisko is all let out in this episode and makes it very enjoyable to watch him.

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
Agreed. Worf holds the Klingon warrior tradition in high esteem, but in the sense of practicing a religion. He participates in ritual (various competitions, etc) and through training keeps himself in shape in accordance with the way of the warrior. That's not the same as actually having lived the warrior's life the way Klingons like Kor or Martok have. It makes him proficient with weapons and very good in a fight, but "warrior" is still an ideal for him; an aspect of identity, not a job description.
This gets touched on very briefly in "Let He Who is Without Sin" )or as I prefer to call is "That Episode We Do Not Speak Of"). Worf is kind of a textbook Klingon who has all these ideals but has never lived with Klingons aside from a few months here or there. He acts all "tough Klingon" but what does he really know? When push comes to shove, he'd much rather have a glass of prune juice than anything else.

Also agree on how fun "Par'mach" was. I even liked the O'Brien/Kira thing, it was a bold yet realistic direction for them to explore. It sucks that the follow up to it ("That Episode We Do Not Speak Of") was so craptastic.
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