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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

OK, I've re-read New Avengers 25 along with reading NA 26 for the first time, and my suspisions were correct-- It reads better it one sitting (although there is still at least one more issue of this plot to go).

The story of a young red-headed girl named Fongji who lived hundreds of years ago and is prophisized to become the host of Phoenix. Master Yu-Ti of K'un L'un takes her in to be trained body and soul for the arrival of the Phoenix.

Yu-Ti recruits the aid of Leonardo DaVinci (Yes, that Leonardo DaVinci. For those of you who aren't following Johnathon Hickman's excellent SHIELD series, Leonardo was recently revealed to have been the greatest of the world's heroes in his time. A man of action like Nick Fury with the brain-power of Reed Richards), who is escorted to K'un L'un builds a device that will allow them to detect the Phoenix's arrival.

Yu-Ti's and Leonardo's approach to handling the Phoenix seems along the lines of what Cyclops was doing in AvX #1. In fact, Fongji has a flare-up of the Phoenix power that is ominously similar to the one Hope had in AvX #1. Fongji then enters the cave of the dragon Shao Lao, and emerges 2 days later as the new Iron Fist.

The issue ends with Leonardo detecting the arrival of the Phoenix and gives the warning of (You all see this a mile away, right?) "It's coming!"

The second issue of this arc leaves me wanting to read the next issue now, while the first issue made me go "WTF is this all about?" In typical Bendis style, he took two issues to get to the point of a story that could have easily been told in one.
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