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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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One little breakthrough I had when I was poking through the old project data recently was my discovery of how Jimm made the "weirdspace" sparkle effect. I really had no idea, and was actually going to call him and ask, but then I opened one sequence and found the source: he took the transporter beam glitter element, applied five filters to it, and enlarged it. The result looks nothing like the transporter. The man is ingenuous at re-using a limited palette of elements to create really cool stuff. Hats off to Jimm!
...and THAT is what it's all about; doing more with less. And ultimately, I think these little victories are what make this kind of work so satisifying.

This is exactly the same kind of thing they did for the original series...recycling an effect or prop with a few tweeks to turn it into something new. Truly an example to live by.
It's one of the most fun things about this thing, is figuring how how to do more with less.

I should add that he slowed down the transporter effect to 10% speed so it pulses instead of shimmers.
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