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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

I said I would finish with The Prisoner first before launching into this show, but I just couldn't wait anymore.

"The Ripper" *****

Kolchak tracks a serial killer who just might be the original Jack the Ripper.

This was a riot and a strong opening for the series. I really liked watching the Ripper in action when the cops are trying to get him. The low-key f/x worked well. Indeed, with his Victorian style cape in some sequences the Ripper made me think of Batman in action in the shadows.

This felt a bit more small scale than the previous films, but then it is a one hour television episode. It doesn't feel quite as big a story, but then they're cramming it into a one hour episode. Nonetheless it feels very much like the previous films in terms of sensibility. Kolchak is still something of a goof and Vincenzo is again his long suffering boss. One thing this has over the films is a good opening theme song and better music throughout the episode.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the episode. Sadly it looks like the transfer to dvd really needs a proper remastering to get the better picture the series deserves. This box set looks like it was cobbled together on the cheap. You get twenty episodes on three double-sided discs. Sadly you don't get any archival extras. The series should be properly remastered as well as packaged together with the two original films in one proper box set.

"The Zombie" ****

Anyone connected with a particular murder is being found killed with their spines broken.

Kolchak learns a bit about voodoo while tracking an undead killer. The scene where Kolchak finds the killer dormant in an old funeral hearse within a wrecking yard is priceless, particularly when he attempts to sidle up to the body to pour salt into the mouth and try to sew the lips shut.
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