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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Moffat is "annoyed." Elementary could, if it's not good, damage his "brand."
I've only heard good things about the series, but, "his brand?" It's a series based upon a literary character more than a century old who has been adapted to the screen (small and large) more times than I can count.
CBS is also very concerned with brand - their brand. They make a certain style of TV show for their audience. Their continued first-place status is due to their brand discipline. Everyone knows what kind of show CBS will make. CBS doesn't care about Moffat or his so-called brand. Very few of CBS's viewers have even heard of the guy.
Let the wailing of Sherlock fandom resume
Although that will be very entertaining, I'm hoping they would gain enough sophistication to understand that CBS isn't making this show for them, unless it just so happens they are also CBS viewers. Everyone already knows whether they are CBS viewers. If you watch CBS' type of show, there you are. If not - this is not for you.
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