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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Android. Soong android to be specific. Of which yet another one looking precisely like Data is discovered in this film.
B is for B-4. A wasted premise.
C is for Clone, which Shinzon was
D is for Data's demise
E is for Emergency Transport Unit
F is for Fantastic premise of a Picard clone that isn't explained very well at all.
G is for the green glowing fairy dust that flys through the air when the thaleron weapon is activated.
H is for Hell. Which according to Riker is dark
I is for idiotically driving around on a pre-warp planet like Jeremy Clarkson
J is for Jonathan Frakes. Who finally gets the girl and should have directed the film.
K is for Kolarus, aforementioned pre-warp planet.
L is for Laverne, as director Stuart Baird renamed LeVar Burton for about the first five or six weeks of shooting.
M is for Mellow, for the overall tone of the dinner between Picard and Shinzon in the chamber of the Romulan Senate.
O is for Old. What Star Trek was becoming at this point
P is for Photon Torpedoes. Romulan torpedoes. Which proved largely useless against the Scimitar during the final battle of the film.
Q is for Quantum Torpedoes, which they seemed to forget about in this movie.
R is for Romulans, Remans, Romulus... Oh my!
S is for Scimitar and spider - which is what the ship looked like when the thalaron emitters were deployed.
T is for Thaleron radiation
U is for Unbelievably stupid that they didn't secure the Argo shuttle while tooling around the planet looking for android pieces.
V is for Valdore, the lead Romulan warship fighting alongside the Enterprise-E against Shinzon.
W is for Worf regretting drinking Romulan Ale
X is for 10, the number of this Star Trek feature.
Y is for Young Cadet Photo of Picard without any hair, which totally contradicts what was established about his Academy years in TNG.
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