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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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he didn't say it was, he just said the plot in TDK wasn't radically different to what's been done before.
Yeah, I guess I could have fleshed that out a bit. The Avengers isn't "new", and arguably it's structered around movies like The Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven, gathering a group of heroes to protect the town from the invading army. A movie isn't good or bad because of it's plot, and we're really being unrealistic if we judge according to plot.

TDK has a very similar plot to Batman, and I'm sure other movies if we look closely enough. The difference is characterization, theme, message, setting (Nolan's Gotham is a radically different setting than Burton's,) execution, etc.

The Avengers shouldn't be too closely compared to the TDK because they are very different stories with very different needs. The Avengers is an ensemble, and the main theme is bringing the diverse group together, seeing their conflicts between each other and seeing them overcome them and bonding into an effective team. The needs of the film demanded that no one character completely take over the film, and Whedon managed that very well. The film has a lot more in common with a movie like Kelly's Heroes than it does with TDK.

The Avengers is fun popcorn movie, and I don't want to be pretentious and claim it is particularly deep. However it does show us the distrust Steve Rogers has for Tony Stark, it shows Stark being challenged by Steve, confronting something about himself and growing because of it. It shows Rogers changing his mind, not just about Tony, but about the alien creatures he's surrounded by, the ones called "21st Century Humans." It show Rogers opening up and learning to trust and be a part of something he was terrified of.

It shows us Banner opening a small door in his wall and allowing the idea that he could just, maybe, possibly, have a chance of having somewhere in the world he could fit in and be himself; all of himself. It shows Natasha's ice cracking just enough for her to confront the journey she needs to take. It shows us Clint shooting arrows out of the coolest quiver ever, and Thor being Thor. OK, it wasn't perfect, but it had more than a plot, it had a story about people.

Structurally it was a little too linear, and this is where TDK has it beat. It never shocks us by going somewhere we aren't anticipating. What it does do, is take us to each place in an extremely well-executed fashion. More than anything, The Avengers is like a ballet. Swan Lake is not a new story, and there isn't a particularly original take on it that I've seen. The point of it isn't that it's "new." The point is that it is so well done it carries us along on the same journey as the characters we are watching.
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