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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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^^^I gather it was Ken MacLeod who termed the Singularity "rapture of the nerds." But it appears that he has recanted or is deliberately aiming at an audience that believes the Singularity is a real possibility, judging from his new book The Restoration Game. In it, he assumes a universe that is very much inspired by some notions of what might result from the Singularity. However, the notion of the Singularity that is most influential amongst scientists has been articulated by Ray Kurzweil, who is regarded by many scientists as articulating some sound speculations.

Narratively speaking, the book is largely anticlimactic because it was so obvious where the plot was headed.

A lot of sci-fi writers, technologists, economists, educators, scientists, etc are finally coming around to the likelihood of a singularity. I've seen a lot of recent articles where they are becoming convinced. Eventually economic planning will abandon the linear, innacurate model we have now and move towards an exponential one.

Ray Kurzweil is certain the most vocal proponent of the Singularity, and he gets a lot of respect because of his resume' (no he's no Mayan cultist as some here would have you believe)
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