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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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What singularity?
The Singularity is kind of the Mayan Calendar for people who aren't credulous scientific illiterates - it's an apocalyptic scenario that gets them feeling all tingly.

I've been reading these fantasies for decades now. They're unpersuasive.
Hmm, again it's nothing of the kind, the Mayan calender is not scientific, nor are the claims for it (in fact, the Mayan calendar restarts after the so called apocalypse). Members of Doomsday cults as well as established religions (aka, more popular cults) accept such dogmatic claims on faith. Anyone who believes there will be a Singularity of some kind bases it on extrapolation of fact. It also doesn't have to be a doomsday, it can also be seen as a positive thing, such as the evolution of man if we are motivated and bright enough to not be shortsighted, because only by seeing it can we avoid the the very likely possibility of evolutionary extinction due to machine AI...

The real fantasy here is linear thinking in technology which is demonstrably false.

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. Carl Sagan
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