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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (****)

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more.

Okay, so this isn't really a romance-of-the-week episode, I've just been itching to post that video ever since I found it. And aren't you glad I shared? This is kinda more of a I-want-to-have-sex-of-the-week episode, which is very normal for most people but a departure from the format for post-Kirk Trek. Worf is sexually attracted to Grilka and in his desire to be a good Klingon he mistakes his feelings for par'Mach and attempts to get into her armour. Meanwhile, Quark also wants to get into her armour and pretends it's par'Mach to do so. For a comedy episode, this is far more grounded in actual human behaviour than normal romace episodes.

What can I say other than that this episode episode is a joy to watch? It's whimsical, has some good gags, and actually contains some meaningful character material for Worf. I found myself grinning through most of the episode, which is an unusual change from the scowl I attempt to maintain while judging television shows. Some of the scenes may have been a little too rich in comedy goodness, but I'm willing to give it a pass.

Meanwhile, Miles and Kira are in their quarters one night, making out with each other. As things start to get more intense, Miles begins to take off Kira's uniform. Kira smiles warmly, and says "We should have done this a long time ago." Miles leans over and nuzzles Kira playfully. "I agree," he says, "but let's not tell Keiko."

Then they had sex right on the couch.

Or something like that.
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