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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Star Trek London still not listed on the Excel event calendar. Come on, MCM! Move Expo forward a week!
From my knowledge you've not been to an event in years, so why would you want expo to be brought forward? I think that you just want to shove a spanner into the works . Not trying to be funny, but you're just on here to try and crumble the reputation of event organisers. It doesn't even matter who the organisers are, as I've seen it all from you before. It's all quite petty if I do say so. If you're not interested why don't you just not post I think your time would be better spent elsewhere if I'm honest.
To quote Wesley Snipes, Don't you people have humour anymore?

Besides, since you seem to know so much, what was the last event I went to? Come on, I'm waiting.

Shamasters doesn't need me to crumble its reputation. Joiner's been doing that very well on his own for years. It's reputation is now almost as bad as Joiner's has been for the last 20 years. I suggest you spend some quality time on Google to see what people outside of his propaganda machine think of him and what they've accused him of over the last couple of decades. Would you like some direct links? I have them all bookmarked.

If Star Trek London isn't going to be run properly by him in as much as he can't even get the advertised venue booked, then I shall be very happy to try and, to use your words, crumble his reputation by making basic factual observations.
The part about your last event was taken from the RedCarpet forum, as i've been a member on there a few years (* not been a member there for years but used to browse, became a member once the posts were locked from public), and i seem to recall you saying at some point either last year or earlier this year that you've not been to an event since somewhere around 2006? (sorry if year is wrong, it was a while back that i read the post).
But i've been on the Showmasters forum for a very long time and I remember the light hearted posts you used to make and how you used to always be pleasant. I was away from the forums for a while so i missed the point where you got banned, but i was there for a lot of your rantings over various organisers on redcarpet. Including 'Sean the Shite' and Showmasters.

If you do insist on links, i would like to have them pm'd to me, however i can't send pms as i have not reached the 50 post count.

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