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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Last night I finished Doctor Who And The Daleks by David Whitaker, the very first DW novelization from back in 1964. BBC Books has started to reprint some of the Target books so fans like me who weren't alive in the 70s can read them (though I've found a local used bookstore that has lots of them). I enjoyed this one a lot, probably even more so because of the many differences from the actual serial. It was only the second story of the show, so Whitaker takes the opportunity to pretend that the first one never happened and has Ian and Barbara meeting the Doctor and Susan in this book--only it's completely different. The other major change is that the book is narrated entirely by Ian, so scenes without him in the show aren't in the book, especially towards the end when the characters split up. The general plot of The Daleks is unaltered, but the novel ends up being a somewhat different experience, which isn't really a bad thing considering how many times I've watched the story on DVD.

Continuing on with DW Target books, I'm starting The Edge of Destruction today. And while I'm still reading A Clash of Kings, it's getting slightly tedious, which may be entirely due to my recent DW craze. I'm not going to put it down, but I am taking it slower.
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