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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - odd mix. It's extremely slow and boring to start - the first 150 pages are a slog - then is totally un-put-downable from pages 200(ish) to 415, and then the last hundred pages are unnecessarily dragged-out and very bitty, as the plot that the reader actually gives a monkey's about it is already finished, and all the company/corporate stuff is just... dull.

I suspect the film versions must improve on that, so I'll probably like them even more.

I did enjoy it, though, even though I figured out what happened pretty much from the get-go simply because it was the only logical thing, but I do hope the sequels are better paced, and are more like the pages 150-420 of this. If so, I'll love them.

ETA- Hm, not sure what I'm in the mood for next...
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