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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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i'm starting star trek TOS: Black Fire. I think i've hit a burnout on TNG reading. After finishing my 24th book in a row, i don't think i can take another TNG book, so gonna switch over to all the TOS books ive never read.
Sorry to hear that, indianatrekker. One way I avoid the fatigue is to alternate series. A little trick I picked up last year and its really kept my enthusiasm for reading Treklit alive.

So, when I was reading the A Time to... series, I balance it out by reading Vanguard and a couple of TOS novels. Now, reading TNG Relaunch, Titan and VOY relaunch I've been balancing it out with reading more TOS novels between each volume. After Greater than the Sum, I picked up Star Trek Log One, then unto Gods of Night, and then next I'll either pick up Log Two, Rihannsu: Swordhunt or That Which Divides I haven't decided yet.

Try it, it works really well.
Yep, really is working. I was struggling through Reunion. Wrapped it up, and when i jumped to TOS Black Fire, i found it to be invigorating. So i might do TOS , TNG, TOS, etc etc.
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