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Re: Jennifer Lopez: Babe of the week #20 (May 2012)

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Can't tell you what her last hit song was but she's still got it.
At a guess, last summer's On the Floor with Pit Bull.

ETA: for the curious

Nice sound. I honestly would not have guessed in the last year. Based on who I see doing these reality shows I feel it's stars who've been on the downside for awhile and trying to bounce back.

Also, that's a pretty polished well produced video. Which brings me to: They still make videos for songs!!
Where to they show them? Anytime I flip past MTV, VH-1 or BET anything but a video is showing. Some crap reality show or movie is airing.
Whenever I go through my music channels on my Sky box there's often a chart rundown or something where you can see these songs; it probably works differently in the US so I wouldn't know what channels you get, but yes, first port of call now is definitely Youtube. You couldn't get away from On The Floor last year (not that I minded, it's a good song)

It's fairly easy to find the huge songs on there, they seem to be related everywhere and have multiple millions of views.

Also, Kestrel, which song do you think is similar to On The Floor? Because I can think of several off the top of my head, it probably isn't any of the ones I'm thinking of though.

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