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Re: Jennifer Lopez: Babe of the week #20 (May 2012)

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Nice sound. I honestly would not have guessed in the last year. Based on who I see doing these reality shows I feel it's stars who've been on the downside for awhile and trying to bounce back.

Also, that's a pretty polished well produced video. Which brings me to: They still make videos for songs!!
Where to they show them? Anytime I flip past MTV, VH-1 or BET anything but a video is showing. Some crap reality show or movie is airing.
Yup, I generally hate Pitbull and never much cared for J-Lo's music but actually like that song pretty well (even if I do feel like it's a bit too close to another song I like).

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Has YouTube evolved to 1st run now of material? I've always viewed it as 2nd hand viewing.
It's first run for stuff like music videos, these days artists have there own youtube "channels"
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