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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

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Trans humans or the singularity, is near impossible for star trek, unless you do a total reboot, and alter the show to the point that it is no longer star trek. Ignoring the technical challenges of the singularity on television. The writing for it is near impossible, because it creates plot holes that aren't easily resolved.

If the doctor can copy his unimatrix, and have multiple copies of himself, why isn't voyageur using this to aid them since they are desperate to get home. Sure you can make up some reasoning, but a patch work of made up reasonings does not add up to a coherent show.
I explained how they could do it and they dont have to do any tinkering with the past at all.
Yeah and you didn't answer some very basic premises, which are gonna arise the second you mention transhumanism.

What happens when the romulans, get a hold of this tech, and can multiple their armies at a near exponential rate. Your gonna be facing an army of infinity, you can say this would make a good show the reality is it would make a show unbelievable.
I wasn't trying to create a detailed synopsis of the show, but I don't really see too many problems with exploring what I clearly stated was a pre-singularity like state in human affairs with transhumanist overtones though not necessarily permeating the culture yet. It takes the impossible nature of speculating on what would happens afterwords out of the equation.

I did mention that the UFP was a technological leader in this area, they are the first amongst the powers that would start embracing the tech, other powers of course would be racing to catch up, in the meantime the UFP would be seen as a greater potential threat, and the irony is that the UFP itself doesn't know where this change will lead.

Another element that could be explored is if transhumanism might lead to higher enlightenment through a change of perception brought forth with the the changeover just assumed to be threatening by the Romulans for example, or if they embrace it will they the better for it as well, and abandon hostility towards the UFP? We really wouldn't know the outcome right away. I could see a series where the UFP might be hard to surpass for the first few years, then suddenly a few Alpha Quadrant powers challenge the supremacy.

There would probably have to be a few concessions made in the technology (showing how powerful the potential is) such as Starfleet officers allowed only one identity and only one copy at a time, but all crew members could upload and download themselves.
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