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Re: Avengers console game coming this Fall

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Yeah, that's what I was going to say. I forget if it was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2 that I played, but that was actually a very well-done game. It was actually my first introduction to Loki (and Deadpool).
Yeah, MUA was awesome. Better than its X-Men Legends predecessors, IMO.

My first introduction to Deadpool was in X-Men Legends 2, and I've been in love with the character ever since. In your first pay through he's just a boss (he's under mind control). But you unlock him as a playable character after you finish the game. If you ever play the game make sure to have Deadpool in your party when you reach the Deadpool boss battle. The exchange is much better than the one you get in the Doom battle at the end of MUA if you have Doom in your party.
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