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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I have a couple Elite requisitions burning a hole in my inventory, short only the shield requisition, and am curious as to whether the veteran players feel the MACO space set or Omega Force space set is the more effective? Tactical captain in a fleet escort.

I've been trying not to mix the equipment sets up, if for no other reason than you get some bonus effects by using multiple items.

I've flown both the Breen and Jem'Hadar sets, and found each useful in it's own way (though my tactical captain doesn't benefit too much by the abilities either of those sets provide) but have been using the Borg set for its defensive benefits. And the tractor beam comes in handy in STFs. Had to turn off the visuals, though. Made my fleet escort even uglier.

On a side note, I seem to be noticing a lot of really immature players lately. Lots of name calling and childish behavior, particularly around DS9. It's really annoying, and I felt bad for a player who was singled out in an STF by 2 others after he blew something up prematurely. They spent more time whining on the chat than they did trying to deal with the borg ships.
Wow, coincidentally, I've been busy writing an Escort guide (not ready, need more concrete numbers), the short of it is:

First things first: the Fleet Escort isn't ugly!

- Breen set: just bad, for Tac/Escort at least; you'd do better with a Positron Deflector Mk XII [SIF] [Stl], Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd] [Turn] and Covariant Shields Mk XII [Cap]x2

- Reman set: underperforms compared to the above gear as well.

- Aegis set: some peope swear by it, but those people are probably the ones trying to sell it. Any survivability gained form the +10% Defense is lost in other areas, like the weak shield and total lack of Structural Integrity on the Deflector.

- Jem'Hadar set: that +7.6% Polaron damage is really appealing (and depending on your Skill build, the +2.5 Weapon Power as well), but you lose out substantially on survivabilty and speed.

- Borg set: Always use the Console.
From there, the individual pieces aren't that good, but the 2/3 piece set bonuses are very very nice; especially the 2-piece bonus.

- Omega set: Provides the Tetryon Glider and some Accuracy (on the Deflector), both interesting offensive bonuses but is sorely lacking defensively.
Although its Engines are nothing special (exactly the same stats as the Hyper-Impulse Mk XIII I mentionned earlier - Slipstream enhancement aside), Hyper-Impulse will give you the best speed.
Overall, more of a PvP set.

- MACO set: Best Escort Deflector, best Escort Shields, a 2-piece bonus that can be extremely useful; pointless Engines&3-piece bonus.
Overall, more of a PvE set.

I only retain 3 options:

1. MACO Shields, Borg Engines, Borg Deflector.
You get the 2+3 piece Borg bonuses, very strong Shields, a decent Hull and decent engines.

2. MACO Shields, Borg Engines, MACO Deflector.
You trade the Borg 3-piece effect for: a bit more Hull, stronger Heals, faster power transfer and most importantly, 5% more frequent BOFF ability usage.
Well, in theory. In practice, it only reduces the ability's cooldown, not the global cooldown or system cooldown, doesn't stack with eventual DOFFs and has no effect on cooldown of 15s or less; in my case, that means the MACO bonus only reduces the cooldown of my Hazard Emitters (45->42.75) and Transfer Shield Strength (45->42.75).

I like it a bit better than option 1, but just a bit.

3. Omega Shields, Omega Engines, Borg Deflector.
In Elite STFs, I wouldn't recommend it.
The Borg are more hull-heavy than shield-heavy, so the Tetryon Glider isn't as valuable and the faster movement speed isn't worth losing significant survivability.

In PvP, it's a very good option: Hyper-Impulse Engines make chasing a fleeing BoP/Raptor much easier and the Tetryon Glider makes your Alpha that much more effective.

Note that to really take advantage of the Tetryon Glider, you need points in Flow Capacitors.

My current BOFF layout (PvE):
Cdr Tac: TT1, CRF1, APO1, CRF3
LCdr Tac: TT1, APB1, APO1
Lt Sci: TSS1, HE2
Lt Eng: EPtS1, Aux to SIF1
Ens Eng: EPtA1

Upsides: I almost always have an Attack Pattern up, almost always have automatic shield distribution, am immune to tractor beams most of the time and almost always have CRF up, I can cycle both Emergencies most of the time for good shields and good heals.

Downsides: Tactical Initiative doesn't help much with that setup, sometimes Damage Control Engineers refuse to proc, APB is useless in PvP.

1x Warp Core Engineer
3x Damage Control Engineer
1x Shield Distribution Officer

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