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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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I am new to Trek BBS. Actually, I am fairly new to TV and movies in general (despite the fact that I am nearly 30). I never grew up watching TV or movies and my pop culture knowledge is atrocious. My husband decided that he was going to acculturate me starting with Star Trek. I have watched DS9 and TNG. However, since it was my first introduction to Star Trek I feel like I missed a lot of the humor in DS9 and intend to re-watch both DS9 and TNG once I finish the other series. For my first thread, I am going to make a post about each episode that I watch in Voyager. This is my first time viewing Voyager so please feel free to fill me in on any back-stories or information that I am missing.
I'm coming to this thread a bit late, and I know I don't post here as often as I'd like, but welcome to Trek BBS and Trek in general. I love Star Trek and Voyager's my favorite series out of all of them. You'll love it.
Thank you. I am really excited about VOY! Why is it your favorite?
I like Voyager for the simple reason that they are lost in space and having to deal with new aliens and new situations. I love to travel, and my wife and I went to Germany last year to visit my brother, who's currently living there for work. One day my wife and I were on our on in the local city where my brother lives and wound up getting lost. I had more fun trying to find my way back to my brothers place. We found all kinds of neat little nooks and crannies just by being lost. So that's kind of way I like Voyager, because they're lost and having to find their way back.
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