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Before trying it I was really doubtful splitscreen couch co-op would be THAT significant of an addition to the game. Seven hours later, I'll eat my words. My buddy and I played for that long co-op style last night. Apparently digging through all manner of mines to find rare minerals and hidden chasms feeds into his "collecting" OCD (which also manifests itself in games like Skyrim or anything else that has some sort of gameplay element where you have to find resources), which was handy for me because he dug up a ton of minerals and materials for me to use to build a watchtower on my mansion AND a bridge from said mansion to the Minecraft sign.

Winding down the night he also made a gigantic diving platform that went above the cloud line just to see what would happen if you jumped off. Even on Peaceful mode with no enemies and regenerating health (a.k.a. Minecraft for Dummies) you CAN still die falling on to land. Oops. Much better result with falling into water, though...

I guess I'm officially a convert to the game.
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