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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The Last Resort may not be a drawn-out mystery series, if they're serious about really making it a "limited series" next winter. Not like The River, which was obviously intended to be an ongoing series the way they left it open-ended, but a true miniseries with a real ending.

Amazingly, the sf/f pickups may not be quite over. Gotham may still be alive and kicking at ABC.

EDIT: THRfeed has a complete list of renewals/cancellations/pickups.

EDIT Pt 2: Looks like The Last Resort will be a regular series.

Although there had been talk of ABC hoping to treat the series as a limited-run event project, sources said Sony had received a full 13-episode order. A short order would have been troublesome for Sony as it needs to make the most of the costly show's international sales potential, and that's hard to with anything less than 13 segs.
Which means if the ratings tank, we will be left in the dark about what was "really" going on. Let me be the first to kick off the prognostications: the order to fire the missiles was a loyalty test (their nukes are inoperative) and they failed. They discover that their nukes are inoperational when the Iranians try to steal them and put them to use.

Further prognostications: the series will do well overseas but not so well domestically. It's too much of an outlier on ABC's schedule - a bunch of soaps, and then one military show? The ads will be shown to the soap-watchers who will not be interested. So it's 13 and done.

The only way to salvage it: use the ads to play up the soapy/sexy aspects of a bunch of sailors "marooned" in a tropical paradise. Scott Speedman has a soapy-hunk look about him. Dichen Lachmann is striking and exotically beautiful. Omid Abtahi is a cutie. There are a couple female naval personnel, that will appeal to the female demo if it isn't all guys in navy uniform. Yeah, this could work...

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