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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Saw it again, this time in 3-D. More gut reactions:

- 3-D doesn't add a thing. Mind you, it doesn't subtract anything either. It's just not automatically better than 2-D. The movie rocks either way.

- You guys who didn't like the music score: This time I paid more attention. To use a Whedonism, "I just can't bring myself to care." Granted, Alan Silvestri is not John Williams. In a movie this packed with action and eye candy, he doesn't need to be.

- You guys who think Cobie Smulders was hotter than Scarlett Johanssen: Cobie's still flat and still boring and you are hereby ordered to turn in your Manhood ID cards and censure yourselves for even entertaining the thought that she could be hotter than Scarjo. There's about two hours of obvious on-screen evidence that she's not.

- Loki versus Hulk is still funny.

- The Avengers is still an A+.
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