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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I absolutely loved those novels, definitely have to reread them again someday. Then again, I'm a big fan of The Original Series novels, so they're (mostly) all great to me.

However, if you enjoy novels that delve into the history of characters, in this case, Kirk in his younger days and his relationship with Mitchell, then you'll be fine.

I liked how the first book started with a re-telling of th end of WNMHGB
That was pretty neat. Have you got book two of the trilogy as well? There is a thread running through all three novels in the flashbacks as well as the post-WNMHGB sections. Still, it's all recapped. The Constitution one is quite good though as it sees Kirk in his first real command experience.
Yep - I had book 2 but held off on reading it until I got all 3

and following that, I got my package from Amazon with DTI: Forgotten History, Rings of Time, That Which Divides and NF: Blind Man's Bluff!! Truly a great day for this TrekLit reader
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