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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I liked how The Ship actually made redshirt deaths seem important for once. The only other Trek show I can remember who did that was Enterprise during the late Xindi arc. I also liked Kilana, it's a shame we only saw her in this episode. She's no Weyoun, but after him certainly my favourite Vorta.
Yeah, I liked Kilana. Yeah, I know, she's best known for introducing us to Vorta cleavage, but the actress was good and the character was interesting for a one-off, would've enjoyed seeing more of her ... erm ... that came out wrong ... you know what I mean.

Fun fact, she was originally going to be Eris (the first Vorta we met at the end of Season 2). This was the second time they tried to bring Eris back, but once again the actress was unavailable.
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