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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Since I was hoping (unrealistically I know) the networks would get rid of everything on broadcast--because it sucks--and start from scratch I'm ready to have another go and see if maybe next season they can actually come up with some consistently entertaining shows with actual interesting characters--I'm so over wildly fluctuating consistency from ep to ep, large casts, mythology heavy programming, poor casting, bland characters who are nothing but interchangeable and the Big Picture being the central focus.

I think I'll sample Do No Harm(open premise where the writers could easily craft season long arcs every season with no series spanning stuff), Cult(small cast, likeable actors(Matt Davis/Jessica Lucas/Knepper, interesting premise that doesn't look to try to be an epic monstrosity so hopefully it will be a little more grounded), Zero Hour, Park Avenue(this could go afield if it plays up keeping too much shrouded in secrecy), The Following(this has the potential to fall into predictable cop schtick i.e. alcoholic cop chasing killers). So help me if any of them start down the big event shitload of mysteries/questions path I'm dumping them in a second--large reason why Revolution and The Last Resort are not even in my sampling for next fall. Zero Hour could veer into this but I'm willing to see if it does--otherwise I'm a sucker for these type of stories.

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