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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


I really do like the holodeck. It is so much fun to watch the actors/actress’ do something new/play around a bit. The guy in the holonovel looks and sounds familiar. Does anyone know who he is, or what else he is in?

Janeway has to leave the holonovel rather quickly when the shuttle with Tuvok and Chakotay returns and Chakotay is essentially brain dead after an energy discharge was fired at their ship and penetrated into it.

We get to see a little Native American/Chakotay’s culture! I was beginning to wonder if we would see more of it any time soon. B’Elanna sets up a medicine wheel in sick bay to help Chakotay find his way back. The Doctor tells her that it will not help, but does correct a placement on the stone wheel for her.

Kes is in her quarters and feels a presence near here and goes to tell Neelix in the kitchen. He brushes it off as her telepathic “stuff”. Meanwhile, on the bridge the ship is being turned away from a Nebula, but no one can figure out how/why. The only explanation is that each time it happens it occurs at Paris’ stations. Paris is sent to sickbay only to find out that nothing is wrong. Then the warp core is shut down and B’Elanna looks to be responsible. Janeway, Paris, Tuvok, and B’Elanna are talking with the Doctor and they figure out that an alien is present and keeps taking over an individual to make the changes that they need. (This reminds me of the movie Fallen, and now I can’t stop singing, “Tiiiiii-iiiiiiiiii-Ayiiiiimmmmmeeee… is on my side! Yes it is!”). I like the idea that a temporal alien can go in and out of the crew at their leisure. I was kind of sad when Kes went into a coma. Although, it is absolutely hysterical when Neelix freaks out, even though I also feel the doctor doesn’t get enough hugs! He does leave sick bay in an awful hurry and I kind of doubt that he would do that. He would probably sit next to Kes the whole time, or go cook her some strange concoction of his...

Anybody could be the bad guy. How exciting! What a fun way to have several antagonists, yet only one! I like the scene where the alien bounces into a few different people, all trying to attack Tuvok, who then knocks everybody out. When Janeway puts it together that Tuvok is the alien that keeps trying to make them enter the Nebula, he then hijacks the bridge. It has been Chakotay’s disembodied spirit that keeps trying to counter-act the alien’s wishes. The Nebula aliens want to drain the crews’ neural energy. Chakotay inhabits Neelix in order to move the stones on the medicine wheel and re-arranges them to act as a map for the ship to maneuver out of the Nebula, which they do. The aliens stop following them and the Doctor is able to get Chakotay’s energy back into his body. In the end, Janeway is hovering over a bare-chested Chakotay in sickbay with both of her hands on his chest/upper shoulder; I kind of thought that was a little odd. I wonder if I am going to see a little sexual tension between them….

Least favorite part: At one point Janeway gives Kim control of the bridge….WHY? Also, I would have liked to have seen Neelix and Kes when she woke up from her coma.

Favorite part: The Doctor’s explanation of what B’Elanna was doing wrong on the medicine wheel. I am on a bake-a-thon and covered in sugar right now or I would have rewound the scene and written the exact quote. Something about elk women and Chakotay not wanting to find his way back….
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