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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

I forgot to mention the 3D in my post about the movie. (again, I really liked it - an A- grade).

But, please, Hollywood. Just stop with the crappy post conversions. I'm a HUGE 3D fan if done right. But there were so many shots that had improper 3D. Many reviewers have stated that Avengers was a great conversion. I disagree. Better than some, but still not good enough IMO for a truly immersive and consistent 3D experience of films shot in 3D.

The problem with 3D conversions is that the people doing it have too large of a temptation to really exaggerate 3D effects by making the ocular (eye) distance too large. An example: An early shot of a bridge in NY literally looked like a 12 inch scale model, due to the exaggerated 3D effect. And the effect varies so much from scene to scene. The scene where Loki first appears in the film is also terrible - his forehead looks very close to the camera, while his mouth looks 6ft away. Very odd looking.

I *will* see Avengers again (more than once), but I will definitely seek out 2D showings.
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