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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Going to complain about another annoyance: Scale.
Mattel put out a few Batman two-packs this past year. One of them was a Batman and Gordon two pack. Now, I don't have a Gordon and was pretty excited. Then I found at that these are considered part of the "Movie Masters" line which for some reason is at a shorter scale than DC Universe. So I now have a Gordon, that looks like a shrimp next to any non movie Batman. Then things gets worse. The same line included Arkham City figures, which are all taller than a normal DCUC. Nightwing and Harley Quinn should not tower over Batman. What the hell Mattel? Why would you make your lines incompatible like this? I can't put this First Night Batman that came with Gordon with my other Batman figures, because he looks puny. The only Commissioner Gordon that you've ever made is just as shrimpy.
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