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Bonnie turns 360 all of the sudden out of what -fear of the vamps dying? I feel that the writers have made the poor girl nothing more than a plot device. Bonnie has no real personality. She just does what the script dictates. The writers wanted to "save" Klaus so they make Bonnie this nitwit.
Bonnie is a Simpsons joke come to life "A wizard did it".

Anytime they need to change a plot direction, a witch does it.

They use that crap more than The Secret Circle does and it's only about witches.

Temis the Vorta wrote:
So Elena's a vampire and Tyler has been possessed by Klaus? I never thought they'd make Elena a vamp, because doesn't that spoil the whole angst angle? She'll probably start chasing Matt now, or maybe Jeremy. He's not off the menu, because they aren't related by blood and anyway, it's only metaphorical sex.

Jeremy and Elena are cousins. Her biological father was John Gilbert, brother of Jeremy's dad. And Mystic Falls isn't in Arkansas or West Virginia.
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