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Re: a new Western as a TV episodic series? discuss

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I haven't seen it beyond the pilot, but they were at great pains to make his character highly respectful of black people as equals in a way that was anachronistic for anyone other than the most radical abolitionists of the time - Frederick Douglass and John Brown believed in equality of the races, but it was a very unusual opinion, and for a Confederate..
I know we've argued this before but I think you're way off the mark in how they're portraying him and I really think you need to watch more than the pilot before you make these kind of bold sweeping statements, because you'll find there's a lot more to it, and if anything he isn't portrayed AT ALL the way you're describing.

Had you watched the series, you would discover that he an "come to Jesus" moment when he discovered that one of his slaves had died trying to protect his wife/kid (can't remember which is was at that moment) and it's clear he's in turmoil between his lifelong racists beliefs and the "lesson" that he believed God was trying to teach him about equality.
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