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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Finished rereading Greater than the Sum by Christopher L. Bennett today as part of my TNG Relaunch+ reading for the 25th Anniversary. Now, I'm taking a detour to the 23rd century and reading Star Trek Log One by Alan Dean Foster.
I have been doing the same thing, in regards to reading for the 25th anniversary, except I started with the novelization of "Encounter at Farpoint." I've been reading them all in chronological order, about halfway through "Contamination." I'm gonna read them all in order, up to the latest relaunch book. I'm including all the DS9/VOY books in this too. Having a blast.
It is a great thing to do, I must admit. I was tempted to go through the whole of TNG, but after finally reading the A Time to... novels last year, it just seemed like a natural continuation. Plus, throwing in Titan and the Voyager relaunch(es) makes it even more rewarding.

It's funny how many details I've forgotten, which makes the newer novels more enjoyable. You can't remember every detail from a book you read 4+ years ago.

Anyway, I've decided to split up my Star Trek Logs reading, so I've started on Gods of Night by David Mack. About 100 pages through and top stuff so far.
I'm about halfway through "Reunion" by Michael Jan Friedman. After finishing this one, I have thought about skipping ahead to the "A Time to,,," series, and just start reading all the books from that point on, in chronological order.
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