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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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2.) Why was SHIELD's 'overlords' so bent on nuking New York City? The state government of New York was already sending in National Guard units to fight the intruders, and, eventually, the United States government would commit forces to the battle. (This would imply the battle had been raging for an hour, at least.) The 'overlords' reaction seemed odd to me, especially when it was clear that the intruders were contained to a 3-block radius around the portal. It becomes even more interesting when it is revealed at the end that a nuke could destroy the command center, and that the portal could be shut down by a specter being jammed into the portal generator.

With an open portal there was no way to know just how many enemy could come pouring through before Thor, Ironman and the Hulk were overwhelmed. To be far even if the National Guard was mobilized before the breech it wouldn't be able to handle a proper earth army with presumably a lower level of technology should it appear in New York. They would have neither the heavy equipment in place nor the ammo for an extended fight.

The enemy was not contained, they had poor generalship and fought Captain America's battle as they went after the Avengers as if they were the only resistance Earth could put up. Yet it was a small point for me of how ground combat Guardsmen could get into the fight in numbers before air units turned up to help Ironman.
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