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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Seriously? Basically 90% give this an A- or better? While there were a few seriously laugh out loud moments like Hulk smashing Thor, as a movie it was like a B or B- (my vote) at best. True herd mentality on this one.
Well, I didn't know what anyone else voted before I voted, so I don't know how it's a herd mentality. Maybe a telepathic herd, which would be the coolest herd ever.
Exactly. I had no idea what anyone else voted before registering my vote. But Alidar Jarok should feel free to insult the people who disagree with him. Free speech, and all that.
I got dragged out by friends after deciding Avengers wasn't on my must-see list. I enjoyed it a helluva lot more than any film I've seen recently. I voted here without first checking poll results and gave it an A+.

We've now entered the phase where the movie is so successful that wanna-be hipsters get to make condescending remarks about those of us who are having a good time. [shrugs] Oh well, everyone needs a hobby, I guess. Cheers, Othello! Know that even though we're having a blast talking about the film and seeing it over and over, you're a far, far better man than the rest of us uneducated bumpkins swilling the moonshine equivalent of entertainment.

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Are all the movies with 90% or better on RT herd mentality?
Toy Story 3
The Dark Knight
Star Trek('09)
Well, Star Trek was. [ducks]
Twinkies are back. I knew they couldn't stay away from me for long.
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