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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The Ship (***)
Meanwhile, Worf, who has served with humans for about 15 years now, and as head of security on the Enterprise for 6/7 years has seen more than his fair share of death under his command, completely forgets how humans deal with death and picks a fight with O'Brien. I know that the pressure was getting to him and that's why he was being such an ass, but I don't like it when they use Worf in that way, the character is more complex than that. ...
I agree 100%. Worf was a trained, experienced Starfleet officer who was raised by human foster parents. It is ridiculous that he would be so crass about the dying crewman. Even if he felt that way, he would have known enough to keep his own counsel.

I wish O'Brien would have cold-cocked him. (Of course, Worf would have snapped his neck, but it would have been worth it.)
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