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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

My final scorecard:

Happy about: Cult, 666 Park Ave, Zero Hour, Do No Harm

Question marks: Revolution, The Following (terrible name!), The Last Resort.

Wish they'd gone to series: Beautiful People, The Frontier.

So that's the sum total of the new broadcast series I will be checking out next fall.

On cable, add LA Noir on TNT to that list...

EDIT: The Daily Beast has some nice, coherent descriptions of the picked-up shows...

Zero Hour "has roots in a Doomsday device coveted by the Nazis during World War II and kept secret by a clandestine group of priests."

666 Park Ave won't be coy about the boogie men: "There's definitely something supernatural lurking in the corridors of The Drake, as shadows, ghosts, and spirits appear in the first episode, and something dark and powerful went down when the building was first built. Watch out for that dragon." You mean Vanessa?

The Neighbors doesn't sound as silly as the description I quoted above.

Do No Harm's doctor gets in trouble when "after five years of successfully containing "Ian Price," Kohl learns that his alter ego has build up a tolerance to the drug treatment that has kept him in check."

Revolution: "the blackout is man-made and much of the action centers on the nature of the conspiracy: the reasons behind it are up for grabs even more than who carried it out." No aliens? Are they really banking on the audience being interested in the why rather than the how?

This description of Cult makes it sound pretty amazing, way beyond the usual CW show. Has Rockne O'Bannon's got another mindfrak series?

It's hard to describe the CW's psychological thriller Cult, from creator Rockne S. O'Bannon (Farscape) and executive producer Josh Schwartz (Chuck), because the premise is pretty trippy in itself. There's a show-within-the-show which is also called Cult, and which may be linked to the deaths and disappearances of several people who watch the show, viewers who become obsessed with the show's Lost-like mythology and the central figure, Billy Grimm (Robert Knepper). But Billy Grimm is just a character, played by actor Roger Reeves. Right? Or he is a disembodied boogeyman? Or are people preying on Cult viewers and driving them insane? These are some of the questions raised within the pilot episode, in which blogger Jeff Sefton (Matthew Davis) investigates the disappearance of his Cult-obsessed brother and teams up with a production assistant (Jessica Lucas) who works on the show in order to uncover just what is going on. Alona Tal (Veronica Mars) also stars. Insider information: Cult was previously set up at ABC before moving to the CW. The fictional creator of the show-within-a-show Cult is an Oz-like figure who may not be who he claims... if he even exists at all.

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