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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

The army certainly had a biological component to them. We see their "faces" sometimes when they growl/snarl at the camera and they were clearly biological typical alien-invader faces.

IIRC, the diner in the movie was the "Shawarma Palace"
Indeed. There was a shawarma sign on the far wall.

Seriously? Basically 90% give this an A- or better? While there were a few seriously laugh out loud moments like Hulk smashing Thor, as a movie it was like a B or B- (my vote) at best. True herd mentality on this one.
It was a fun, entertaining, tent-pole movie that's been built up for the last four years featuring popular comic book characters. This movie is something no one would have thought was possible to see happen just 10 years ago when "Spider-Man" basically revived the superhero movie trend.

The movie was filled with good, fun, action (that was comprehensible), fun characters that were well played and Scarlet Johansson's ass in tight leather.

Yes, people over overwhelmingly loved it because it lived up to (or surpassed) everything we've been building up to since Iron Man came out and we knew they were establishing a Marvel Cinematic Universe for an Avengers movie.
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